Two days after a deadly stabbing spree in Saskatchewan, the surviving suspect’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The announcement of a possible sighting of Myles Sanderson in the James Smith Cree Nation area on Tuesday turned out to have been a false alarm.

He has been the target of a major police manhunt since Sunday after the attack that left 10 people dead and 18 injured, not including the suspects.

The attack has rocked the otherwise peaceful Canadian region.

Police have warned people to “take appropriate precautions” in an alert sent to mobile phones in the area.

Tuesday’s false alarm will probably do little to calm the tension felt in the indigenous community of James Smith Cree Nation, where most of the victims were found, and the nearby town of Weldon, which is mourning the loss of long-time resident Wes Petterson, 77 years of age,  who is reported to have been murdered in front of his house.

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