An Inspector serving with the Lagos State Police Command, Orukpe Monday, has died from the torture he allegedly received from soldiers who attacked him and his colleagues in the Trade Fair area of Lagos State.

Another Inspector, Igbafe Ojo, who was reportedly tortured by the same soldiers, has been hospitalized at the military hospital in the Ojo Military Cantonment, where doctors were said to be battling to save his life.

the soldiers were on their way to attend a training programmed at the Ojo Military Cantonment on Wednesday when the bus conveying them to the destination encountered mild traffic around the Trade Fair area of the Lagos Badagry Expressway.

a source said some of the soldiers, upon realizing that the traffic was caused by policemen trying to pave the way for a truck driver to link the expressway, came down from the vehicle to challenge the policemen.

The source, however, said the situation led to an argument that degenerated into a fight when one of the soldiers allegedly slapped one of the policemen, adding that the soldiers arrested two policemen. In comparison, the other three policemen fled to safety.

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