Notable Islamic cleric Ahmad Gumi has said he has no information about the reason for the arrest of his aide, Tukur Mamu in Cairo, Egypt.

The media was awash this morning with reports that Mr Mamu was arrested in the northern African country alongside his family members on his way to Saudi Arabia for lesser Hajj.

Responding, SHEIK GUNMI, said and quote “I am just hearing that he was detained in Cairo with his family.

I am not aware of why that would happen and because the Nigerian government did not charge him for anything or declare him wanted at any time” End quote.

Mr Mamu was detained at the Cairo International Airport for 24 hours and is being repatriated to Nigeria.

Alhaji Tukur Mamu is the lead negotiator between the terrorists and passengers kidnapped from the attacked Abuja-kaduna train.

A security Expert Onyekachi Adekoya  responded to this

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