Findings have shown that just nine out of 26 power plants connected to the national grid are responsible for as high as 71 percent of electricity generation in the country.

The plants are Egbin, Kainji, Azura-Edo IPP, Jebba, Delta, Shiroro, Odukpani, Afam VI, and Geregu with a minimum share of 5.76 percent each.

Statistics obtained from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, in the latest report, ‘State of the Industry NERC Annual Report 2020’, revealed that over-reliance of the grid on the energy supplied by just nine power plants out of 26 might pose a risk to the industry.

This was because downtime in any of them might result in grid instability if there was no adequate reserved capacity from other plants to timely offset the adverse impact of any sudden loss of generation from any of the 9 plants, NERC said.

According to the report, the nine power plants accounted for 71.80 percent of the total electric energy generated in 2020.

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